Turnovers vs SEA Prove Insurmountable

June 17, 2018 — After a disappointing 1-point loss to San Jose last week, the Growlers desperately needed to stop their losing skid to have a shot at the playoffs as they hosted the Seattle Cascades on a sunny and breezy Father’s Day at Mission Bay HS.

Seattle received the disc first, scored, and San Diego countered with a goal. The teams traded offensive holds (with a few turnovers sprinkled in), until the Growlers’ Wes Groth fed Will Turner for the first break, 5-4. Despite a turnover on the next possession, the Cascades held and doubled down for a break of their own to take the lead 6-5. Zeke Ivers assisted to Joey Huppert to tie the game, Kyle Rubin got a block on defense, but the Growlers were unable to convert on a last second throw.

San Diego started the second quarter with a turnover on a deep throw and Seattle took the lead with a break, 7-6. Travis Dunn found Sam Fontaine for the equalizer, each team held, then a Scott Radlauer block led to a Growlers’ break and lead, 9-8. The teams traded twice, Ryan Lacy came up with a defensive block, and Mark Slader threw to Dunn for another break, 12-10. The momentum swung in the Cascades’ favor after they held on O and capitalized on numerous Growlers’ mistakes for three breaks in a row, 14-12. A captain to captain deep throw connection from Milardovich to Dunn righted the ship, Seattle held, but the Growlers were unable to score before halftime, down 15-13.

The Growlers had a chance to break out of half, but a drop led to a Cascades hold, 16-13.  After two trades, Seattle notched a layout D and a break to extend their lead to 19-15. More trading ensued until Max Hume registered a block and a Groth scoober to Slader resulted in a break, 20-18. San Diego had a chance to break again after a timeout, but came up short and Seattle held. After a Growlers score, a couple more chances to break were squandered as time ran out in the third quarter, 21-19.

To start the fourth quarter, San Diego started the offensive trading and Zeke Ivers continued to throw assists and score goals, but Seattle broke the trend to increase their lead to 24-21. San Diego fought back with a hold and a break, but Seattle mirrored that effort, 26-23. The Growlers got back on track with a score, then the teams traded as the clock showed 2:13 remaining with Seattle ahead 27-25. After a Seattle turnover, the Growlers had a golden opportunity near the end zone to get within 1 point, but a high stall count caused a throwaway, and a couple more turnovers later in the point drained the clock to zero for a Cascades win. Click here for pics and here for highlights.

The Growlers were led by Zeke Ivers with a huge +9 performance (6 assists, 5 goals, 2 turnovers). Steven Milardovich, Travis Dunn, and Josh Kohl each contributed solid +5 games as well.

San Diego will need to reduce turnovers when they seek revenge against the Cascades in Seattle this Saturday, June 23, and the Growlers will be back at Mission Bay HS for a rubber match vs San Francisco on Saturday, June 30 at 6:30 pm!