San Diego Ultimate Huck Together to Fight Cancer

Oct 29, 2016 – The second annual Huck Cancer co-ed ultimate tournament took place on Saturday in San Diego, organized by Diego Ultimate Disc Experience (DUDE). If you happened to be strolling along Coronado Beach between about 9:30 am and 4:45 pm, just north of the Hotel Del, you probably noticed the disc flying through the air while players tried to chase it down. The main purpose of the event was to have fun playing ultimate while raising money for two cancer awareness organizations: E.R.I.C. (Early Recognition is Critical) and The Seany Foundation.

E.R.I.C. is the official charity of the American Ultimate Disc League (AUDL). Their aim is to educate kids about cancer-related symptoms and teach them to speak up whenever they recognize those symptoms. This is usually done through youth and middle school ultimate Frisbee clinics.

The Seany Foundation is a non-profit organization inspired by the legacy of Sean Lewis Robins and his battle with Ewing sarcoma. Their mission is to “fund meaningful projects that enhance the lives of kids, teens, and young adults affected by cancer.” Ever since 2012, they run Camp Reach for the Sky which is a free summer camp for kids with cancer (and their siblings).

The community donated funds in a couple different ways for these organizations. The tournament cost varied anywhere from $20 to $150 depending on different benefits participants wanted, such as merchandise to take home or advantages in the games themselves. The 2nd way money was raised was through $25 raffle tickets which were bought for a chance to win prizes provided by nine different sponsors. The San Diego Growlers donated a pair of 2017 season tickets, and other notable prizes included gift certificates, an ultimate bag, and a cornhole set.

Several members of the San Diego Growlers (Will Griffin, Justin Goodman, Max Hume, Mark Slader, Nick Smith, and Benjamin Eto) were at the event to run a youth clinic at 8:30am. The kids warmed up, ran through a couple skills, then finished with their favorite – the deep drill. After the clinic concluded, the two youth teams played each other for a couple hours in the morning. The adult division ran all day, which consisted of eight teams, while the high school division took place after lunch until the end of the day.

Team Black (Black Holes) took home the tournament championship and team Purple (Prince Callahan) took Spirit.

The event was lots of fun and we hope to see even more of you out there next year! All told, the Huck Cancer tournament raised $4,800!

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Article by Brad Beattie