Jesse Cohen 84
Specialty: Offense
Position: Cutter
Height: 6'0"
Goals Assists Blocks
0 0 0
Hometown: Santa Monica
College: UC San Diego
Class of: 2014
Previous Teams: UC San Diego, Streetgang

Jesse Cohen is back with the San Diego Growlers for 2017!  He attacks the open space of the field with tough to cover quick cuts and also has a creative set of throws as well.

Jesse attended the University of California San Diego (UCSD), and was a dynamic offensive weapon for the Air Squids. In his senior year (2014), he helped the Squids qualify for Nationals after the strong Southwest region was only allotted one bid. He was an offensive force on San Diego’s club team Streetgang for the past several years and joined up with the SoCal Condors in 2016.

Jesse’s skill set will be even more dangerous when he steps on the wider AUDL field, and he will be sure to strain defenses with his give-and-go speed and throws.  In two years with San Diego, he has amassed a plus 71, with 53 assists, 58 goals, and 13 defensive blocks.  He will be a tough cover for anyone in the league and the Growlers can’t wait to see the big plays he makes as they set their sights on an AUDL Championship trophy.


  • College Championship Qualifier 2014
  • Southwest Region Champion 2014
  • U23 Selection (Alternate)

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