Growlers Win Again!

May 4th, 2018 — Last Friday’s result was fresh in the Growlers’ minds as they looked to avenge their overtime loss to the San Jose Spiders and stay in first place. Perfect weather conditions at Balboa Stadium under the Friday night lights set-up an exciting and high scoring affair…

San Diego started the game inauspiciously by turning the disc over and surrendering a stall, a callahan and 3 straight breaks to go down 3-0. A timeout was called to stop the bleeding, the Growlers offense scored, the Spiders bit back, then Wes Groth showed some elevation that led to another score, 4-2. San Jose snuck in another break near the end of the quarter but San Diego scored last, down 7-4.

In the second quarter, Jackson Stearns laid out huge for a hammer and the Spiders’ score, but fellow SDSU alum Dom Leggio threw a big flick to Max Hume for the Growlers’ answer. The teams traded points until 11-8, when Sam Fontaine got the block and score for bookends and the first San Diego break. After another Growlers break, Michael Tran’s backhand found a diving Hume to tie the game at 11 all. San Jose scored twice in a row before Scott Radlauer completed a beautiful cross-field forehand to Sean Ham right before half, SD down 13-12.

San Diego tied the game to start the third, the teams traded a couple scores, then the Growlers secured a break on a Travis Dunn assist to take their first lead, 16-15. The teams traded, and San Diego executed another break with a Nate Bridges to Nate Page AZ connection, 18-16. After a hold from each team, the Growlers took advantage of a throwaway and Leggio’s flick huck was pure to Dunn for an additional break. The quarter closed with SD in control, 21-19.

The fourth quarter began with several offensive holds before San Diego boarded the break train again, extending their lead to 26-22. San Jose tried to stay in the game with a nice layout score from Justin Norden and a break, but the Growlers did not relent by holding on offense and strung together 3 breaks in a row. The Spiders crept back in the final minutes, but the 31-28 Growlers win was never in doubt. Click here for game highlights!

The Growlers were led by Scott Radlauer (3 assists, 1 goal, 2 defensive blocks) and Sean Ham (1 assist, 5 goals) with +6 performances, and Nate Bridges, Wes Groth, and Travis Dunn each had +5 games as well.

The Growlers next home game is Saturday, May 19 versus the Los Angeles Aviators at Balboa Stadium at 6:30 pm. This SoCal rivalry matchup will determine if San Diego can retain first place in the West division or if Los Angeles will slide into the top spot!