Growlers Summit Cascades in the Rain

April 14, 2018 — The San Diego Growlers figured it was going to be a difficult test as they traveled to cold and rainy Seattle to square off with the Cascades. Obviously, the team doesn’t usually face these types of weather conditions, but they prepared as best they could with rain gear and were determined to fully embrace the challenge.

Seattle started on offense and looked comfortable scoring in the rain, but San Diego did as well. At 3-3, a Will Griffin superman bid in the endzone prevented a Cascades receiver from catching the disc, but the home team held on O when they intercepted a pass for a callahan score. The Growlers struggled to possess the disc on the next point, but layout blocks from Nate Bridges and Jake Gutkowski resulted in an eventual hold as well. The Cascades O-line scored and their defense recorded the first break of the game for a 6-4 lead.

San Diego’s Will Turner unleashed a backhand huck to set-up a goal to begin the 2nd quarter, but Seattle scored on O and then converted a break to go up 8-5. The teams traded several scores again until a marathon point ended with Seattle earning another break, and the Cascades held a 12-9 advantage going into halftime.

After the teams traded several scores to start the 3rd quarter, the turning point of the game came when Max Hume defended a throw destined to be a Mark Burton score. The Growlers’ Nate Bridges uncorked a backhand to a leaping Mark Slader, who then found Hume for the book-end goal, 14-12. San Diego broke again after a Nate Page block and rediscovered their confidence before Seattle stopped the bleeding, 15-13. San Diego notched another break right before the quarter ended which tied the game at 16 all.

The 4th quarter began with Dom Leggio’s slick layout catch for the score, and the Growlers never looked back. After another long point and a timeout, Sam Fontaine launched a backhand to a wide open Tim Okita for the break, and the Growlers led 18-16. Seattle would not register a goal in the 4th quarter, and San Diego finished strong defensively with 4 more breaks to win the game 22-16 (click here for highlights)!

The Growlers were led by Sam Fontaine (6 assists, 2 goals, 1 turnover) and Sean Ham (2 assists, 4 goals, 1 defensive block) with +7 performances each, and rookie Tim Okita also chipped in with a +5 game (5 goals, 1 turnover). San Diego will host the Seattle Cascades this Saturday at 7pm for their home opener at Balboa Stadium and are looking forward to a big crowd!!!