Growlers Go 2-0 in Pacific NW

June 3, 2017 — The Growlers were in desperate need of a sweep in the Pacific NW to keep their playoff hopes alive, but Vancouver and Seattle have proven to be formidable foes.

San Diego opened the game versus Vancouver by scoring on offense, and each team traded three times before the Growlers connected on their first break opportunity to go ahead, 5-3. The Riptide scored on O, both teams traded, then Vancouver broke to tie the game at 6 all (shortly before the quarter ended).

The Riptide scored, each team traded, then Vancouver capitalized on another break point to extend their lead to 9-7. The Growlers stopped the momentum wave with a score, and each team traded 3 goals before San Diego converted a break to tie the game at 12-12. The half ended when a last second Riptide hammer attempt was blocked in the endzone.

The third quarter began with the Growlers and Riptide scoring on offense, then Vancouver cashed in a break to take the lead, 14-13. San Diego would quickly snag the lead back with 2 quick scores, but Vancouver did the same to go up 16-15. The Growlers tied it again, each team traded, then San Diego broke twice in a row for the 19-17 lead. The Riptide closed the quarter with an offensive and defensive hold, but were still down 19-18.

For most of the fourth quarter, Vancouver and San Diego traded 4 offensive holds each to make the score 23-22. It felt like the next team to force a turnover would win, and the Growlers dug deep and broke on back-to-back points to take a commanding 25-22 lead. The Riptide scored once more before the final buzzer sounded, but San Diego was victorious, 25-23. Click here to see pictures and here for game highlights!

Hunter Corbett (2 assists, 6 goals, 2 defensive blocks, 2 turnovers) and Sean Ham (1 assist, 5 goals, 2 defensive blocks) paced the Growlers with +8 performances each. Jesse Cohen chipped in nicely with a +6 game as well (3 assists, 2 goals, 1 defensive block).

June 4, 2017 — The Growlers struck first versus the Cascades, the teams traded, then San Diego broke first to take the 3-1 lead. A marathon point followed that drained most of the first quarter clock, but Seattle ended up holding on offense; 4-4 heading into the second quarter.

Seattle started the trading of offensive scores, but the Growlers broke again to take the 6-5 lead with bookends from Steven Milardovich. Both teams traded 5 offensive scores and San Diego had the slim lead at halftime, 11-10.

To start the third quarter, a sloppy marathon point ran close to 4 minutes off the clock which resulted in a Cascades break. The Growlers responded with an offensive score and a break to pull ahead 13-11. More trading, highlighted by a Sean Ham layout goal, then San Diego’s Max Hume got a huge layout defensive block which set-up a timeout as time was winding down. The Growlers punched in the score to extend their lead to 3, but Seattle snuck in a long goal right before the quarter ended, 15-13.

San Diego rode the momentum into the fourth quarter by scoring two straight break points, highlighted by another Milardovich layout block, 17-13. The Cascades responded well with a hold and 2 breaks to pull within one, 17-16, with 7:58 remaining. The Growlers held on offense then earned an important break to extend their lead to 19-16 with under 5:34 minutes left. Seattle battled once again with a hold and a break of their own, but San Diego countered right back, 21-18 with 3:10 minutes left in the game. The Cascades scored on offense, but the Growlers sealed their third straight road victory with a patient O point that drained the clock to just 45 seconds, 22-19. Watch game highlights here.

Zeke Ivers (4 assists, 1 goal, 1 defensive block) led the Growlers with a solid +6 performance. Tyler Bacon (1 assist, 3 goals, 1 defensive block) and Jesse Cohen (3 assists, 2 goals, 1 defensive block, 1 turnover) chipped in with +5 games as well.

The San Diego Growlers will be back home for the AUDL Game of the Week on Friday, June 9th versus the Seattle Cascades. Let’s pack the stands of Balboa Stadium at 7 pm and help the Growlers secure their 4th consecutive victory!!!