Benjamin Eto 10
Specialty: Offense
Position: Handler
Goals Assists Blocks
0 0 0
Class of:
Previous Teams:

Benjamin “Choppa” Eto began his ultimate career with the UCSD Air Squids, captaining the B Team to Southwest Regionals before being promoted up for his Senior Season and graduating in 2011. After playing with San Diego’s mixed team On The Rocks for two seasons and establishing himself as a big time thrower, Benjamin joined Streetgang in 2014 and has been a steady handling presence ever since. Benjamin brings a strong team-first mentality to the Growlers to go along with a relentless desire to keep the offense moving with his wily break throws.

Although he started playing organized ultimate in college, Benjamin was taught to throw at a young age and credits much of his ability with the disc to his father Joe, an alumni of the famed Bay Area ‘Flying Circus’ teams of the 70s and 80s.

Off the field, Benjamin is now in his fifth year coaching the UCSD B Team, Squid LITE, as he continues to develop the next generation of Air Squid talent. Benjamin works in Quality Control at Ajinomoto Althea, a San Diego-based pharmaceutical manufacturer.