Ben Clark 15
Specialty: Offense
Position: Cutter
Height: 6'3"
Goals Assists Blocks
0 0 0
Hometown: San Diego
College: Carneige Mellon
Class of: 2013
Previous Teams: Carneige Mellon, Streetgang

Ben comes to us from the east coast, where he attended Carnegie Mellon University (CMU).  He captained the CMU college ultimate team in 2012 and graduated in 2013.

While completing a summer internship in San Diego in 2012, Ben made an instant impact on the club team Streetgang.  He has played for the last 3 years now, and has continued to improve while using his length to his advantage.  He’s also been known to “win” just about every tournament he attends.  The Growlers fully expect Ben to excel on the big field with his smart decisions and strong cutting.

Professionally, Ben is a software engineer for Qualcomm, working on processors for Android phones.