The San Diego Growlers are a professional disc organization dedicated to athletic excellence and community service through the growth of the sport and its core values of respect, fairness, and the joy of play.

The San Diego Growlers are a new sports team in San Diego and compete in the American Ultimate Disc League’s (AUDL) West Division.  Their inaugural season began in April 2015, where they barely missed qualifying for the playoffs with a record of 7-7.  The Growlers are comprised of world-class athletes competing in this fast-paced and dynamic sport.  Played with a 175 gram flying disc instead of a ball, Ultimate combines the non-stop play of soccer, with elements of football and basketball to create a truly beautiful and mesmerizing spectator sport.

As a team, the Growlers want to instill fear in their opponents, and a growling grey coyote (native to the region) represents this feeling perfectly.  San Diego has also been called the craft beer capital of America, so the name is also a subtle nod to the nearly 100 breweries that exist currently

The Growlers are owned by Ryan Slaughter, Justin Goodman, and Will Griffin.