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San Diego Growlers
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San Francisco Flamethrowers

4/30/17 at Balboa Stadium

Doors Open at 12:30 pm / Game Starts at 1:00 pm

The San Diego Growlers are a professional ultimate disc team competing in the American Ultimate Disc League’s (AUDL) West Division.  We are committed to growing the sport of ultimate and its core values of respect, fairness, and the joy of play through athletic excellence and community service.

Played with a 175 gram flying disc instead of a ball, Ultimate combines the non-stop play of soccer, with elements of football and basketball to create a truly exciting and beautiful spectator sport.

We kick off the 2017 AUDL season on Saturday, April 1st at Balboa Stadium @ 7 pm. The regular season consists of 14 games (7 home, 7 away), where we will battle against the best ultimate teams and players in the country. Sign up for our newsletter below and follow us on social media to stay up to date and get notified when tickets are available!


Latest News

Opening Day Excitement, but LA gets the Win

April 1st, 2017 – A rivalry game was the perfect way to kick off opening day of the 2017 AUDL season, as the San Diego Growlers hosted the Los Angeles Aviators at historic Balboa Stadium.
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The Growlers Partner with KOR Strength Gym

The San Diego Growlers are continually striving to win an AUDL Championship, and this year we have made a commitment to get our players in the best shape they can be. 
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Growlers adding Championship talent!

The Growlers are proud to officially announce that Kevin “Dollar” Smith and Sean Ham will be joining the Growlers for the 2017 season! 
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